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31 May 2015 @ 10:33 am
Harry Potter 
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100 Stories of James and Lily | G<->R | ~115 416 | 100 theme challenge. Each chapter is a new story revolving around James and Lily through their lives together.

All I Want For Christmas | PG | ~2273 | Can a simple Christmas song repair six years worth of disagreements and pain? a holiday tale: JPLE

Charcoal | PG-13 | ~5575 | James Potter: desperately lovesick verging on creepy with Lily Evans. Lily Evans: talented artist that wants nothing to do with James Potter...but can't stop drawing him?

Never | PG | ~2019 | How had she not realized it before? Books can't replace people studying and school couldn't substitute for love. She started to cry for herself now as hard as she wanted no one cared.

The Dance | PG-13 | ~13 184 | "So once more, why am I here?" she pronounced clearly for him, she was getting really cold. He smiled and held out his hand again. "Dance with me," he said innocently...

I'll Take Good Care Of It | Guest starring Harry/Ginny | PG | ~1491 | Harry finds a very special gift in the rubble of his once home, and totally rips off his dad's good idea


Kiss Me | PG | ~454 | Harry is caught offguard while threatening to perform some magic by a simple statement, 'Kiss me,'

Little Of Your Time | PG+13 | ~3773 | AU Oneshot Harry and Draco have fling after fling, Harry is left wanting more from cool & aloof businessman Draco. Will it be different this time? Will he leave again?

Clean Freak | On LJ | PG-13 | ~1495 | Draco is neat and orderly, Harry is messy and sporadic, one project to do together, and Draco snaps...

You're Going To Be Okay | PG+13 | ~1185 | DEATHFIC! Draco is sent upon a rescue mission to find a surely dead Harry Potter

White Houses | 14A | ~1539 | a weird fic i wrote while listening to 'white houses' by vanessa carlton. Harry is stuck in routine after an incident that caused him to lose his girlfriend.

Brace Face | PG | ~1235 | Harry's not feeling quite like himself after Sirius' death and the beginning of 6th year doesn't look promising until... (an abandoned wip sort of)

The Best Gift Of All | PG+13| ~448 | Harry saves the best gift for last. (based off of the dick in a box SNL sketch)

This Won't Hurt A Bit | PG | ~1880 | Harry's babysitting lands him and Rosie in St. Mungo's

Three Men and a Spider | PG+13 | ~970 | Dean has a few questions about the -you know- gay thing. 


Only In Dreams | PG | ~2095 |Hermione thinks that her dreams will never come true, Can Ron prove her wrong?

Hearts On Your Sleeve | PG | ~1950 |The very latest in Weasley Wizarding Wheezes manages to stir up quite the Valentines holiday spirit in the Gryffindor common room.

Captain Backfire | PG | ~1235 | Songfic | post DH the highly anticipated first date of Ron and Hermione and Ron's stupid mouth has messed it up once again. Ron tries to salvage the situation.


Behind The Statue | PG | ~850 | Being sorted into Slytherin is Albus’ worst nightmare

His Name Is Scorpius | On LJ | PG+13 | ~3864 | Draco Malfoy picks up his son from an extended visit at the Potter's. Draco POV. Hinted H/D


The Day a Stripy Scarf Changed Neville's Life | PG+13 | ~1151 | Neville's life is altered by a stripy scarf of course...

Paiderastia | R | ~1544 | It's a hot day in the greenhouses + Blaise + Neville = boy love


Harry/Ginny | An Early Winter | PG | ~ 845 | DEATHFIC! Post war, short oneshot

Lupin/Tonks | Opposites Attract | PG-13 | ~2379 | How was it that doing simple things like walking, turning corners, and sitting in chairs, seemed to make her find herself greeting the ground more often then not, when she could dance with the grace of any ballerina?

James Potter centric | Perfect Blood | On LJ | PG | ~1140 | James learns something new about his own family's history, and it's not anything he could have predicted

Dobby centric | Rainbow Magic Project Chapter 4 | PG | ~1108 | Freed house elves can see colour

Mary!sue universe | WartHogs Academy For Mary Sues | Parry Hotter And the PureBlood Prince | The Sequel |  The Second Sequel | PG+13 | ~?? | This....was something really cracky I thought up Idek

Tom Riddle/ Minerva McGonagall | A Sense of Unease | PG-13 | ~1059 | Christmas eve and Minerva runs into an unexpected character.

Teddy/Victoire | A Little Freak In Us All | PG | ~1914 | Teddy won't come down for Christmas and Victoire investigates

Bill/Fleur | Untitled | PG | ~1311 | This is how they meet basically, in Gringotts

Severus Snape/Minerva McGonagall | That Garish Time of Year | PG | ~824 | Snape is being a downer at christmas time :(

Severus Snape/ Minerva McGonagall | GoldFish | PG | ~484 | Minerva thinks Severus deserves something on his birthday

Snape/Hermione | Book Jacket | PG+13 | ~ 691| Snape finds Hermione's book

Harry/Cho | Without Hermione: Mayday | PG | ~287 | How OOTP would have gone if Hermione had told Harry to fuck off

Fred/George | Spoon | PG+13 | ~145 | Fred finds something unusual in the cutlery drawer

Draco/Pansy | Frumpy Galoshes | PG | ~212 | Pansy tells Draco about her day

Ron/Draco | Tea With Weasley | PG | ~1372 | "He'd first found out about the desperate pureblood mothers of children of a certain age secret society by his first blind date fixed by them. To say he was not pleased that his name had been thrown into some kind of cross between a game of dwindling gene pool for grandchildren go fish and the goblet of fire, would have been a gargantuan understatement. "

Harry/Ron | Family Boat | PG+13 | ~778 | Ron takes Harry fishing...some snogging might occur

Molly/Arthur | Gold Hill | PG | ~268 | Arthur has a surprise for Molly

Ginny/Neville | Enter Sandman | PG | ~449 | Ginny is having some problems in Herbology 

Draco/Neville | Hello Muggles | PG+13 | ~3280 | Malfoy sits behind Neville in Muggle studies. Neville hates alphabetical order.

Hermione/Ginny | For You | PG | ~552 | Hermione posts Ginny's bail

Cedric&Harry | The Wonders of Moving Out of Your Parents' Home | PG | ~1300 | Cedric is taken out of his parents' den for the first time and is beginning to see the world in a very different light



Joyride | On LJ | R(overall) | WIP | The national xenolinguistics conference is in town, and Spock has offered to take Cadet Uhura. The thing is, she didn't expect to be getting there in quite such... style.

Integrity | On LJ | PG | ~1967 |This away mission seems completely pointless to Uhura, she's hot, tired, sweaty, impatient - and running for her life

Sweet Dreams | PG | ~1067 | Uhura read's their daughter a familiar bed time story

An Alternate Reflection | R | ~2000 | MIRROR!UNIVERSE | Just another day in the empire..or how Spock Uhura met mirror AOS

Trials and Tribulations of Domesticity | PG+13 | ~1698 | Modern AU outtake from my 2010 big bang verse | Spock always wakes up first

Feel The Listening | PG+13 | ~4000 | The Vulcan moved on, dealt with everything rationally and as well as any Vulcan could, but the Human is still bleeding.

A Matter of Dates | PG | ~999 | A misunderstanding leaves an embarrassed Vulcan

I Always Knew The Sun Shone Out of Uhura's... | PG | ~1003 | An away mission gets that much more complicated when Spock and Uhura fight.

Tutorial | R | ~1006 | Set in the Joyride verse, PWP, An early morning "ride"  

Spock and Uhura's Top Ten Recurring Fights...and One For The Hell of It | PG+13 | ~2014 | What it says on the outside.

Cocoa Skin | PG-13| ~445 | Spock has a hangover.

The Story of Vulcan and T'Khut  | PG | ~200 | A Vulcan fairy tale :)
Battle of the Sexes | PG-13 | ~3000 | Girl!Spock/Boy!Uhura -- star trek xi

Tea | R | ~1445 | PWP temperature play, Uhura has a surprise for Spock

When We Were Young | PG | ~6363 | HighSchool!AU Uhura and Spock have been best friend forever...and she's going to prom with Sulu.

The Stacks | PG+13 | ~1652 | Sequel to When We Were Young, College!Era, Spock has issues with PDA

Acclimatized | PG | ~2000 |  Uhura never thought she would be watching water dripping from a half Vulcan while treading warm pink water during shore leave. Of course, she never thought she would take up spelunking in Starfleet either and yet here she was.

--other spock/uhura non fiction--

Attraction Theory A Fan mix

S[moot]h A Fan mix

S/U mood theme

S/U icons


Jump | PG | ~959 | Kirk was always better at doing than saying.

Therapy Starts | PG-13 | ~848 | Modern AU Jim Finds Bones is going to a therapist for him and wigs out a bit.

Recumbere | PG | ~2000 | Bones' mother is getting remarried, Joanna is a schemey teenager, Jim contemplates the meaning of family and love, and Bones...lays around

This Business Of Art | R | ~46 000 | Art culture modern AU murder mystery --- “Listen, Jim, I don’t know what you’re trying to do. Whether it’s taking the skeletons out of your closet or resurrecting some lost essence your father possessed…it’s not going to work.” He leveled his gaze upon Jim’s own, “It will only bring about more pain and upset everyone you love while you’re at it.” – the problem was, Jim thought, in this world of art and business who did he love, friend or foe?

The Pants | NC-17 | ~1700 | There are leather pants, you need a summary? Get to the porn!

Peas in a Pod | PG - 13 | ~2382 | December 25th approaches, Bones is one unhappy camper, tries to steal Christmas, you know, the usual.

A Case Of The Bends | PG | ~1000 | LET'S DANCE: Bones and Jim slow dancing after a bad fight. it's their non-verbal way of forgiving each other. (maybe, it's how they deal with the whole non-trusty stuff that went on in the movie?)

Sneak Attack | G | 441 | Bones is napping, Jim sees an opportunity he can't pass up.

This Business of Doubt | G | 754 | Jim can't sleep (and your love is his drug damnit) THIS IS PART OF MY THIS BUSINESS OF -- SERIES (which technically is not a series yet but whatever) AND TAKES PLACE BETWEEN THIS BUSINESS OF ART AND THIS BUSINESS OF FAMILY. Not that you really need to have read this business of art to appreciate this, but y'know whatever.

What Happens in Vegas | NC-17 | ~4200 | CROSSOVER WITH XENA - Jim/Caesar - Shore Leave alone in Sin City isn't all it's cracked up to be

Jim Kirk: Domesticated | G | 780 | Jim appreciates the little things, like when Bones comes to him.

I'm a Doctor not an Elf -- X-mas Arts

Indigo Jones a Fanmix


Sulu/Chekov | A Pretty Face | R | ~10 000 | In a world without aliens, Space travel is pretty boring by 2258. FBI/Spy AU

Sulu/Chekov (?) | Eye of The Tiger | PG-13 | ~451 | Game night at Chulu's place -- rock band.

Spock/Bones | Equilibrium | PG | ~880 | Spock pays the good doctor a visit in sickbay

Spock centric | Spock out pt 2.2 | PG | ~882 | The Sequel to a Sequel to a piece my friend wrote

Sarek & Spock/Uhura's Child | The Amazing Adventures of Sarek and Mandy | On LJ | PG | ~9044 | In accordance to Starfleet's new regulations that all family units must partake in 'vacation time' Spock, Uhura & Child visit Sarek on Nu!Vulcan. Hilarity and many Checkers matches ensue.

Sarek/Pike | To Try New Things | PG+13 | ~3284 | Captain Pike is....illogical, and fascinating

Spock centric | 5+1 times Spock's foot had a mind of its own | PG+13 | ~?? | CO! AUTHORED-her parts are unfinished | Can Vulcans get down? Conclusion: Maybe

Sarek/Amanda | Pointy Ears and Shapely Rears | PG-13 | ~350 | Pillow talk of children

Multiple Ship Drabbles (Sp/U, K/M Sl/C, K/U) | PG+13 | ~?? | Song drabbles

--Other non fiction--

DJs Never looked so good | PG+13| ART

Icons and wallpapers


Katara/Aang (implied) | Untitled | G | 730 | A Princess and her Bison toy, oh an Aang too

Sokka/Suki (but it's a Sokka & Mai story) | Target Practice | pg-13 | 1500 | Sokka discovers he and Mai share a love for throwing sharp things

Fanmix | Palindrome | Zuko/Katara

Steve/Tony |  5 Foods Steve Rogers Never Had Before Tony Stark | AO3 | PG + 13 | 5 times Steve ate yummy things, just go with it

LORD OF THE FLIES | Jack/Ralph | The Hunted | PG-13 | ~1341| Ralph cannot sleep.

STAR GATE SG1 | Jack/Sara | Contented Hum | PG | ~493 | Warning! i have never actually watched stargate-this was a gift! | Jack invites Sara for dinner with him to get some things off his uncommunicative chest.

Jack/Sara| The Colour Purple | PG | ~349 | Warning! see above~| All that there is to camping.

HOUSE M.D. | House/Cuddy | Pins and Needles | PG+13 | ~399 | Cuddy figures a way to get back at House